Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Brief about Apple Fruit

The genus Apple (Malus) contains the well-known trees that bear fruit, especially in the northern hemisphere. There are also ornamental apples, small apples who give. The apple grows in temperate regions.

The apple was about 10.000 BC. collected in the wild in Europe and the Middle East have grown in 4000 BC. Probably the apple spread along the ancient Silk Road, as also the center of the apple genes near this route. In Central Asia, more than 25 species of wild apple, which the apple is grown over the centuries has crossed. Selected varieties were later maintained by the Chinese discovered technique of grafting. At the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans between the eighth century BC. and fifth centuries AD. There was a flourishing crop of apples. The Romans have these varieties spread further into Western Europe. This was later followed by several genes from the reintroduction center. In the nineteenth century, many cities in Europe and the Netherlands their own races. These varieties were sweet or sour half, with different colors and different shapes and sizes. Some examples are Lunterse Pettigrew, Brabant Bellefleur, Groninger Kroon, Eijsdener Klumpke, Gronsvelder Klumpke etc. From Europe the apple by settlers continued to spread throughout the world. With the disappearance of the orchards have been lost many races. The different clubs in the Netherlands pomological try wherever possible to preserve old varieties.

The fleshy fruit is composed of three layers, but sometimes two or three layers form a whole and separately, they are no longer recognizable. None of the exocarp and mesocarp apple no longer distinguishable from each other and together form the flower base swollen flesh. The core is the endocarp surrounding the seeds (pips) and in the middle of the stem vascular bundle.

The apple (Malus pumila) is the most common type and is often consumed raw. Applications in the kitchen and bakrecepten are also common, such as apple pie or as a garnish on pancakes. Several products are made of (among others) apples, such as apple juice, apple cider, applesauce and apple.

The apple comes in many different flavors and / or flavorings.

In the Netherlands, in the wild apple Malus sylvestris only for. The species is found in forests and roadsides, usually unkempt.


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