Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Charmed Replica Book Of Shadows Ebook

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As a fan of Charmed TV serial, it feels not completed if we do not have the Book of Shadow which is one of the icon of the serial.

Charmed Replica Book of Shadows eBook

With the Internet and eBooks becoming ever more popular, buying a Charmed Book of Shadows Replica eBook is now a very popular decision amongst the legions of loyal Charmed fans.

Many fans of the show would love to own their very own Book of Shadows, but buying an exact replica often costs several hundred dollars and in the current economic climate, it's a luxury few can afford.

So many are now turning to the eBook version, as a viable alternative. The Charmed Book of Shadows eBook features over 200 replica pages, with all the Spells, Demons, Potions, Rituals and Recipes used by the famous Halliwell sisters in the hit TV series Charmed.

Each spell, demon, warlock, ritual, potion and recipe has it's own page, with a parchment style background and with highly detailed information such as; who wrote the spell, who cast it, the history and background of each demon, how to vanquish each demon, the purpose of each ritual and how to perform it, how to make potions and when to use them.

The Charmed Book of Shadows eBook is lovingly created by a professional artist and a huge fan of the show! The artist has tried to make the pages as authentic as possible, including a "Parchment Paper Style Background" to give them a genuinely aged look and feel.

The pages can be printed out on any standard Inkjet printer and can be stored in one of the many leather look Book of Shadows covers being sold all over the Internet.

To make the Book of Shadows look as authentic as possible, many people also artificially age the paper to give the "centuries old" feel of the Charmed Book of Shadows used in the show.

When purchasing your own Charmed Book of Shadows eBook, be sure to purchase yours from a reputable source as the quality varies greatly depending on the designer.
Being a massive fan of the show, I have bought numerous different versions, most of which turned out to be largely disappointed. However, one particular Charmed Book of Shadows eBook did stand out above all the others.

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