Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Make Your Christmas Gifts Online More Special With Christmas Cards

By Jo Alelsto

I want to make this Christmas special for my circle of friends. After years of wrapping up anonymous gifts that I buy minutes before the party, I have finally decided that I want to come up with something special. That is why I have finally decided to give my friends special Christmas hamper cards for the holidays.

I was not so sure with this idea when I first thought about it. I even laughed at the thought of giving my friends their own cards. A lot of people have biases against giving these kinds of gifts as they usually create a bad impression on the recipients' end. A lot of people believe that cards have already lost their charm and they do not equal to the more expensive gifts. However, what these people do not know is that these cards can be more powerful.

I started to reconsider the idea when I received personalised Christmas cards from two of my friends. Well, contrary to what I expected I was really pleased with what I received. Yes, they might not amount much compared to the other material things I got but they were able to create a more special feeling inside me. They were simple but what amazed me was the sense of personal approach that my friends dished in the cards. It was as if nobody else could receive the same cards I got. The cards were made especially for me. You cannot get this kind of feeling from mugs, watches or towels.

It was then that I realized how much I take for granted the idea of gift-giving. I always thought that if you have something wrapped and a little bit extravagant then you are already making somebody else happy. If I had only known how wrong I was.

I tried to contemplate on how the cards, simple as they are, were able to make me feel more appreciated. Out of curiosity, I asked one of my friends about the cards that he made and he was more than happy to share what he had to go through just to come up with those neat looking Christmas cards.

He said that he had to think about a motif that would already describe his intended recipient. Since he knows that I like to travel, he decided to choose a motif which includes scenery that I like and I had special memories of. He also chose a layout design that would perfectly frame the pictures that he had chosen. The layout design was simple but it was able to emphasize the pictures he had included. Then, he also thought of a short message that would say so much about my personality. Since he claimed that I was difficult to describe using short lines, he decided to choose a quotation he knew I like. Then, after the design was done, he decided to look for a special paper which he would use for the card. He said that I should consider the paper's thickness or else I would have problems during the printing. Also, he suggested that using a light colored paper is more ideal than dark ones as colors appear more vibrant if the paper color is of a lighter shade. Lastly, he told me that if I already have a high-end printer, I do not need to go to print shops to have my card printed. It would be much faster since I do not have to wait for my turn among the many customers these print shops have. If I don't, he suggested that I should have the cards printed a week before the day I intend to give out the cards or else I would end up giving the cards later than I expected.

After finding these simple pointers, I was surprised that it did not take much effort. If I just knew some basic ideas on how to lay-out and I have enough information about my recipients, I could easily use my creativity to make my Christmas gifts online more special.

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