Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Constructing The Perfect Christmas Hamper Delivery

By: Tom Jones

Whether you get someone to do it for you, or do it yourself, there's something quite lovely about receiving a basket, where each of the items has personal meaning for the receiver. To know that someone has sat down and thought about you and found christmas gifts items that represent your passions, your joy and your soul is a tremendous feeling. It assures you that you matter.

At a local school, the ladies on the committee make up trays with all manner of things to sell at their annual school fete in November. A Christmas DVD is packaged with popcorn and associated viewing treats. A gardening pack comes with gloves, tools, and pretty planters as well as seeds. A kids' craft pack comes with paper, pencils, crayons and various art supplies.

The scrap booking kit comes with stickers, glue, sticky tabs, a small scrapping book and acid-free papers, as well as ribbons. A beading kit comes with pliars, various beads and charms and brads. The mummy pampering kit is replete with lotion, fluffy slippers, bath oils and soaps. Those who love crystals might receive a small package of tumble stones and a suncatcher, with a booklet describing each stone.

The men have car packs made up for them, with shammi, wax and the like. For the old and young who have sensitive skin, they put together a collection of goat's milk soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner. For the elderly pensioner, there are collections of small tins of coffee, tea, jam and biscuits. They truly appreciate the tasty staples, which see them through Christmas.

For the recently bereaved, there are baskets containing prayer books, cards, poems with comforting themes and soothing music. The newlyweds aren't left out, with movie tickets, chocolates and champagne, nor are the new parents, with baby lotions, nappy bags, wipes, and various toys. The older girls are thought of with pretty hair accessories and sparkly pens and note paper, whilst the boy's baskets may have superheroes and a DVD.

In years gone by, I have been inspired by how the ladies construct a gift so charming out of basic items, and they usually sell them for ten pounds or under. The trick is to collect the items every shop at the supermarket and discount stores. You wont notice the fiver that it costs each week, and in November, you and your family can have a great deal of fun playing Christmas carols as you gather the boxes containing all the goodies. Cheap baskets, plastic trays, cellophane, stickytape and ribbon will help you construct Christmas hamper delivery which will be truly appreciated and be very personal for the individual.

You won't need to worry about wrapping gifts, and then carting them in festive bags. Just load up the car and spend a day on the road delivering them! Folks would rather have awell-thought-out basket, filled with things they shall actually use, than another nick-knack that will only gather dust. You are only limited by your imagination.

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