Thursday, November 11, 2010

Top 10 Reasons To Shop Christmas Gifts Online

By Julian Hartley

With crowded malls and fewer times available for most working families, the internet has become a great place for many wishing to shop for Christmas toys. The growing interest for online Christmas shopping has made the internet a multi-billion dollar industry. But why are more and more individuals seeking this new haven to buy gifts? Here are the top 10 reasons for buying Christmas toys online.

1. Avoid Crowded Malls - Stress is the main reason why we avoid the shopping malls. As the days wind down to the last few weeks of the Christmas/Holiday shopping season, the malls get ever crowded, making it very hard to find parking or space to even move around. Online shopping frees buyers from the headaches associated with crowded shopping areas.

2. Save Gas - Ultimately you will save money. Considering gas prices these days, it makes sense to drive less. You can easily stay home and log on to the internet.

3. Save Money - With places like Ebay and, prices could be much cheaper than retailers found at the local shopping centers. Why is that? A large part has to do with fewer costs associated with an online shop. An online shop doesn't have to worry about paying or staffing employees.

4. Faster Delivery - Although you can't beat grabbing your Christmas toy right from the mall instantly, you can still purchase Christmas gifts and deliver the gift overnight. This makes it more convenient for the folks shopping at the 11th hour of Christmas Eve. Many of the online retailers, including ebay sellers, provide overnight delivery options.

5. Trusted Merchants - You can't trust everyone in cyberspace or the real world. As such, rating services allow us to see who are the trusted companies and organizations. Everyone knows that companies like and are safe, trusted merchants.

6. Free Delivery - In some cases, online retailers will provide free delivery for products that reach a certain criteria, such as a dollar amount. In some cases, they may provide free delivery all together. Check to see if the store offers delivery first because that has some bearing on the total cost of the gift.

7. One Stop Shopping - You can shop through merchants like or and get pretty much everything done under one site. In fact, these online stores are getting more diverse with products that all of your Christmas gifts shopping can be done in one sitting.

8. Comparison Shopping - Don't like the price for the hottest Christmas toy you're about to purchase? You can simply go to another site and check out the price for the same product. You'd be surprised to see varying prices, especially on sites such as The benefit of online Christmas shopping is that there are numerous places you can check at the comfort of your own home.

9. Taxes - Depending on the state, province, or country that you live in, you may be able to avoid taxes. Since online stores may not have a physical location in the place that you live in, there's a possibility that taxes will not be placed on your Christmas toy gift.

10. Open 24/7 days - What if you work long hours or off hours and you don't have time to shop Christmas toys? The problem with shopping mall hours is the inconvenience for some people who can't simply shop at their own convenient hours. Online christmas hamper delivery shopping allows anyone at any time to shop for their Christmas toys, regardless of closing hours.

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