Friday, November 5, 2010

Christmas Gifts for Her: The Dos and Don'ts

By Toby Alexander

We've all heard the maxims about Christmas gift basket being a time for giving and the season to be jolly. However, the saying 'good will to all men' should not be taken as read. It should really be changed to 'good will to all men (as long as they've bought the women in their lives the right gift)' but I fear this phrase hasn't been thrown out there in a brainstorming session for any of the major Christmas card producers.

Take it from me as someone who has learnt from their Christmas Gift Idea blunders and faux pas and read on if you want to make that Christmas gift for her go down like a dream rather than a lead balloon.

First of all, let's get the don'ts out of the way. Don't get her exercise equipment. Even if she expresses an interest in getting into shape in the New Year, don't be fooled, let her take the initiative (even if you feel she could do with a little push). Don't get her tickets to watch YOUR favourite team and DO NOT organise a weekend retreat with her and her mother-in-law, it will only end in tears!

Now for the Dos. In my experience women like anything that is a luxury. So unless you are a footballer or a business tycoon, a luxury car or a luxury holiday are off the list. However, nowadays you can find luxury from as little £30. The luxury I'm talking about in this instance is cashmere. Women being very tactile creatures love cashmere as it is luxuriously soft and it is perceived to be expensive so they feel you have pushed the boat out. The fail-safe cashmere gifts that won't break the bank are as follows: cashmere scarves, cashmere bed socks and cashmere gloves. These are great if you're bonus didn't come in before Christmas. However, if it did I would suggest something more extravagant like a cashmere lounge suit or a cashmere throw.

As the Christmas gift industry is big business, many shops who market themselves as gift specialist spend most of their time preparing for the Christmas rush. If they want to let you know about their products and services, they will secure advertising and editorial space in paper and online publications. Read the supplements in the weekend news papers and search the internet in the coming months for ideas, suggestions and reviews and if you're still bereft of ideas, then the only way is cashmere.

So there we have the Dos and Don'ts when buying christmas gifts for her.

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