Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas | Soft Toys As Ideal Gifts

By Stella Mak

Soft toys, if you notice, tend to be an ideal toy. Unbelievable? Well, allow me to explain. Soft toys can be given to people of all ages. Recipients may vary from a child of only one year old, to an adult of 30+ years old, and depending on individual, it may even go up to females of age 40 and above.

However, the type of soft toys given to each individual would vary. This is because, if you are giving a Christmas gift soft toy to a one year old, then the soft toy you buy must be of a infant friendly fur material. The fur must not come loose easily, so that the infant would not choke on these loose strands of fur.

As the child grows older, you would not have to worry so much about the fur, as the child is sensible enough not to put the soft toy into their mouth. Little girls of primary school age would adore soft toys. Soft toys to them are like things which they can cuddle in, and where they feel comfortable.

When the child becomes a teenager, the Christmas gift basket of soft toys then represent companions who listen to all their troubles. These companions act as pillars of support, as the teenager starts facing more critical obstacles and challenges. These companions will be complained to, and as though as they absorb all the troubles away, they help absorb all the rolling tears. To a teenager, these are already more than enough.

You might wonder, then what about those adults? Why are they still clinging on to the soft toys? Those in the courting state would allow the soft toys to assume the role of their partner. These soft toys then represent the love the partners have towards each other. Although it is not comparable to the actual life form, the sight of the toys would already bring back those treasured memories.

How about those who are not boyfriends or girlfriends? The close friends exchange with each other soft toys because it represents their friendship that they treasure. Whenever their close friends are not physically there for them, the exchanged soft toys take their place to listen to all the latter's troubles.

Whereas the rest of the females, are just having a pure interest towards these soft toys. It is their hobby and their interest to collect as many soft toys as they can. Each soft toy received is like stamp collectors who have just found a limited edition stamp, being added on to their beautiful collection.

Hence, soft toys are such ideal Christmas gift idea, as it can be so useful to each individual.

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