Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Biological Description of Croton Elyuteriya

Kaskarolla or Croton elyuteriya (genus Croton eluteria) - Euphorbiaceae plant family, species of the genus Croton, native to the Bahamas and Cuba. Naturalized in other tropical regions of America.

Biological description

This is - a small tree up to 6 m with white fragrant flowers. Bark is also very aromatic and often covered with lichen.

Chemical composition

The bark contains 1-3% essential oils are a complex mixture of terpenes and diterpenov. It is composed of pinene, vanilla, d-limonene, tuyen, eugenol and other components. In addition to essential oils in the bark also contains resin, tannin and lignin.


Bark is used as spicy-aromatic. She added as an aromatic bitterness in various liqueurs, especially in the vermouth and Campari. It's also used to flavor snuff and medicinal purposes.


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