Monday, August 23, 2010

The gods of the Ancient Greeks

Lowercase, God is a term used to describe a perfect, superhuman beings, which many people believe that they have special superhuman powers or that the creators of the world (both terrestrial and nadzemmaljskog, ie, the cosmos).

The capitalized, God is the basic principle of monotheism, ie belief in one God.

Some religions may include the anthropomorphic qualities of God, while others believe that it is impossible and insulting to imagine God in physical form. Some believe that God is the embodiment of absolute good, while another sunset that God is above human understanding of morality.

The gods of the ancient Greeks
Greek artists were arrayed to the truth and reality in costume legend, a wealth of imagination and beauty of words, colors and shapes they are immortal gods descended among the mortals, while people at the same time, the apotheosis, opened the way to the tops of Mount Olympus and the divine life. Greeks are the only ancient people who are not afraid that the delicate and discreet irony proves that people create gods, not gods, humans and gods that there are people working, and not the people to the gods. In this freedom to the Cosmogony, Theogony and gigantomahije fall, when they may require, or when their needs and desires, create and lead a new deity, is the Greek spirit, strength, courage of an entire ethnic group, are equally free and independent and to heaven and the earth. (Domatrios)

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