Monday, August 16, 2010

Collection of Art

Cabinet of Curiosities
A (art and) is a cabinet of curiosities where a collection of art and rarities could be saved. In a broader sense is the collection of objects in such a cabinet of curiosities were kept as indicated. The concept was especially popular in the Netherlands in the 17th century. The sudden popularity was mainly due to the influx of merchants and intellectuals from the Southern Netherlands after the fall of Antwerp in 1585, and by contact with exotic tropical resorts muse merchants.

Under 'curiosities' we mean rare items were mostly imported from the colonies. That were foreign shells, exotic animals and plants, etc.. Including indigenous oddities like Siamese twins were included therein. The 'art collection' comprised mainly paintings, of which the Netherlands in its Golden Age was a huge production.

The term cabinet originally hit the storage unit in which these objects were collected. In time they went to the room where the 'curiosities' were saved as government and finally included the word government the entire collection.

Unlike in other countries, these collections were mostly held by individuals from the citizenry. This caused problems with inheritance, often simply the collection was sold if the relatives showed no interest. So moved the Dutch collections abroad. There were the princes which collections collectors mainly state owned. The cabinets were certainly no museums, because they were only for the owner who could allow others by personal invitation to admire his collection. Well took some museum collections proportions, and has a number of such collections of museums located at the base that still exist today, such as the anatomical museum Vrolik, now part of the collection of the University of Amsterdam and Teyler Museum.

From the eighteenth century, the collections were increasingly separated and the naturalist (natural objects) separated from the artifacts and archaeological objects in the right naturaliënkabinetten.


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