Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Corporate Christmas Gift Baskets - Listen To Your Clients

Let's pretend I'm your client. I'm going to tell you what I don't want you to give me this year. I would never say this to your face, because I really don't want to offend you, but...

Here are a few things I've received last year from you and others like you, that I really don't want or need:

1. Ball caps and coffee mugs. We have to have a garage sale almost every year to get rid of this stuff. We end up making about 25 cents a sale, so I guess it's not all that bad.

2. Golf Stuff. If you really want me to wear your golf shirts, your logo has to be much smaller. And they have to be better quality - more breathable, you know? Although, I don't mind the golf balls, unfortunately for you, I use these for the water traps.

3. Watches. I'm sorry to tell you, the watches you sent last year are nice, but I have my own style. However, if you send me another one on time, I can 're-gift' it to my brother for the holidays.

4. Pens. Cheap plastic pens tell me I'm not worth much to you. Expensive pens I still end up losing somehow. If someone else takes my nice pen without your logo on it, it's not worth much in advertising to you either.

5. Fruit cake. Need I really tell you that nobody eats these things? They end up as door stops or re-gifted to Aunt Edna. I don't know what she does with them.

6. Flowers. They're beautiful, but you can't eat them.

Now that you know what your clients don't want...

It's time to wow them.

No doubt, your clients love to eat. We're not talking Hickory farms here - although I like Hickory Farms, since I grew up in the midwest.. But people's tastes are changing and to really 'wow' them you've got to come up with something unique.

Chocolate Christmas corporate gifts baskets are huge this year...everyone loves chocolate! And we're not talkin' Fanny Farmer here - although I like Fanny Farmer too, it's just that my taste buds have grown up. People want to try something new and tell their friends about it. We're talking about gourmet, melt in your mouth, where you hear "Mmmmm" all the way down the hall kind of chocolate. That's the kind of chocolate that will impress.

A fruit food gift basket has to be unique as well. Simple apples, oranges, and pears your clients can get at the local grocers just won't cut it anymore. Think exotic. And exotic doesn't have to mean starfruit, or rambutan. Exotic fruits are available in the states where you least expect them. You just have to shop around. For example, have you ever eaten a Christmas red starcrimson pear?

What else would wow them? Take the time to write a personal note to at least each of your top 10 Clients. Truly thank them for their business and affirm your partnership with them for the upcoming year. Make sure the company you order your corporate Christmas gift baskets from can handle these kinds of special requests.

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