Friday, October 29, 2010

Personalised Christmas Gifts For Grandparents

By Samuel George

So Christmas is fast approaching and you need to get something nice and meaningful for your Granddad or Grandma but do not know where to turn. With the rise of the internet - Christmas gift shopping is now more fun than ever but also very confusing.

The market is saturated with gifts and websites offering gifts. This is where I can help. Once again I have stuck my feelers out there to source some of the best personalised gifts that your grandparents could wish for. From original newspapers to gift packs of the family history - we have reviews our best ten picks and have compiled them into a handy top 10 list.

Top 5 Personalised Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

1. Historic Newspaper Books

Historic newspaper books capture events in newsprint as written at the time. They are bound in a handmade gold embossed personalised book. There are many books to choose from, with titles covering the top 100 stories of the recent centuries. From Royal Navy sea battles to the life of Princess Diana -there is a story to suit every Nan or Granddads taste.

2. Original Newspaper Gifts

This is definitely something that the older generation will fully appreciate. This gift will allow Granddad or Grandma to relive some of their older memories. Some of which they may be very fond of. The original newspaper will come beautifully presented in a luxury gift box. The original newspapers are in fact original (not copies) and 100% authentic. This unique gift is bound to bring a beaming smile to the recipients face!

3. Personalised French Red Wine

Personalised wines, spirits and champagnes are a very classy and trendy gift at the moment. There are some fantastic ranges available on the internet. So what is a bottle of personalised red wine? It is a classy bottle of French red wine with a twist - the recipient's name on the label! You can also add an original newspaper. Both will be presented together in a luxury satin lined gift box.

4. Family History Gift Pack

Discover the history of your surname! In this unique gift pack, recipients will receive their own ornate personalised A4 certificate containing details of the history of their family name. Also included is a book on how they can trace their family history and a template of a family tree so they can plot their uncovered history. A unique and truly memorable Christmas gift.

5. Personalised Malt Whiskey

This gift has definitely got an element of class about it. It makes for a truly unique gift as the bottles label can be personalised with the name of the recipient, a short message and the vintage year being celebrated. A great Christmas hamper delivery idea for your Granddad.

Well there are my top 5 picks for personalised Christmas gifts for Grandparents. Hopefully I have given you plenty of gift ideas and some inspiration to set you off on the right track for your Christmas gift buying. Remember - keep it personal!

Now get shopping.

Sam K George is an author who enjoys writing about seasonal occasions like Christmas. For more personalised gifts and ideas for Christmas gifts visit

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