Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Corporate Christmas Party Gift Ideas

By Mandi Rogier

# The annual Christmas corporate gifts party is a great place for executives to show appreciation for their employees. A gift given to each individual or department can spread good cheer and let people know how important they are to the company. Whether you're a big spender or on a tight budget, you can find an appropriate gift for this event.

Personalized Gifts

# In a small company, you may be able to provide a personalized christmas gift for each individual. The best choice is a classic desk accessory or business item that can be engraved with each individual's name. Consider items such as desk clocks, pens, paperweights, business card holders and portfolios. If you have a chance before the big event, pass by the cubicles of your recipients and choose an item that is not already prominently displayed on their desks.

You can also personalize items by department rather than each individual person. Custom-printed note pads and pens are widely available and can feature a catchy motto, phrase or inside joke pertaining to the group. Stay away from anything off-color or inappropriate, but don't be afraid of clean humor that will inspire a little chuckle.

Edible Gifts
# Almost everyone loves a chance to munch on tasty snacks throughout the work day. Edible gifts can be given to each individual or en masse to whole departments. Avoid meat products around the holidays to keep from offending anyone at this time. Sweet treats should come with a sugar-free option for those with dietary restrictions.

While a bottle of wine is generally well-received, make sure that the recipient does, in fact, drink before giving this type of gift. A varied gift basket is a good choice if you don't know the preferences of the recipient. You can also give a delicious gift in the form of a restaurant gift card. Select an establishment located in the area with a broad menu and you're sure to please.

Monetary Gifts
# You can rarely go wrong with money. While cold hard cash may seem a little tactless, you can class up a monetary gift by giving it in the form of a gift card. Visa gift cards are as good as cash as they are accepted almost anywhere. Discount retailers that offer a wide range of items are a good choice as well.

Avoid cards to specialized stores unless you're sure that the recipient shops there. Another way to give a monetary gift is in the form of a donation. You can donate money in the recipient's name to a variety of charities. If you aren't sure which charity to support, give a gift card from an organization that allows the recipient to choose the charity.


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