Friday, October 22, 2010

Give a Golfer a Gift They Will Really Appreciate This Christmas!

If you are looking for distinctive Christmas corporate gifts of golf to really impress your golf-fanatical customers, friends or relatives over the festive season then a good piece of advice is to stop wasting time sifting through all the usual unimaginative golf regalia that is on offer and think of something your recipients may find a bit more useful over the coming winter months.

An indoor golf practice system makes a unique gift for anyone; whether they are a professional golfer or someone that aspires to be one. The beauty of these products is that they offer a variety of benefits for every level of golfer including allowing them to:

  1. Build their golf swing - indoors - in the privacy of their own home throughout the winter
  2. Warm up in a confined hotel room before a tournament
  3. Practice safely in the office before a corporate golf event
  4. Break the ice at a networking event with a fun golf competition
  5. Salvage an outdoor corporate hospitality event when bad weather threatens

There are dozens of indoor golf practice aids available but you need to make your sure you choose one that will give instant feedback on the shot that has been taken. Any golfer will state that practice is futile with feedback. Whether it‘s a slice or a push; a draw or a pull; golfers need to know where they are going wrong so that they can make changes to correct the inaccuracies.

An indoor golf training or practice system makes an interesting and worthwhile gift for a golf aficionado. Definitely put one on your shopping list if you have a golfer to impress this Christmas; but make sure it’s one that offers instant feedback on the shots. Stick to this advice and your customer, friend or relative will be truly impressed with your Christmas gift!

Paul Thornley - About the Author:

Paul Thornley is a PGA Professional and the director of Targetline Ltd. Targetline is an indoor golf practice aid that allows users to practice full swing shots safely in a confined space then see how they are doing through its unique feedback system; something that is rare amongst indoor golf swing practice aids. For more information visit


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