Monday, October 11, 2010

Promotional Gifts - Some Inexpensive Gift Ideas For Christmas

Businesses have been sending their customers gifts for Christmas gift ideas for many years. In fact the lead up to Christmas is the busiest time of year for the promotional gift industry. Sending your key customers business gifts around Christmas ideas is an excellent way to say thank you for their custom throughout the past year. Following is a list of 5 popular inexpensive end of year gifts that will keep your logo in front of your customers for the coming year.

1.) Promotional Calendars: Promotional calendars come in many different shapes and sizes. From the inexpensive PVC desk calendar to the slightly more expensive full colour wall calendar, these gifts are used daily and get your logo and details in front of your target audience throughout the year. The most popular calendars are themed wall calendars. There are many different themes such as wildlife, cars, trains and funny cartoons just to name a few. Your promotional gift supplier should have an up to date catalogue of all the different calendars available to you.

2.) Desk & Pocket Diaries: Even in the days of computer diaries and hand held planners, the traditional pocket and desk diary is still a top selling much sought after gift at the end of the year. There is something about a good quality embossed or printed diary that will never be matched in digital format. Diaries are available in several different materials, the most popular being leather and PU.

3.) Promotional Pens: Pens are available in styles that fit into practically every budget. From top name brand name metal pens such as Parker Waterman, Cross and Lamy to the not so well known generic pens, the selection is vast. I always recommend testing pens before buying them. Promotional pens can do your business a lot of good but if they don't write well or they rattle, they could do more harm than good. By taking a little time trying out a few that fit within your budget, you are bound to find one that meets your requirements very well. A lot of metal gift pens come supplied in a gift box. If the pens you like do not, you should consider purchasing attractive presentation boxes as pens look mug better presented in a gift case than not.

4.) Eco Friendly Desktop Gifts: If you have not noticed, eco friendly gifts are some of the most popular christmas present ideas for promoting your business. Your customers will love some of the new and innovative eco desktop gifts available to them. Products such as water powered clocks and calculators, mouse mats made of recycled tires and recycled plastic desk tidies just to name a few. These spectacular gifts will remain on their desks all year round and they will love showing them off to passers by.

5.) Paper Trays: Paper trays are popular desktop items that are available in many different price brackets. The good thing about paper trays is that they sit on your customer's desk all year promoting your company. You can also keep their paper trays topped up for them which gives you an opportunity to contact your key customers on a regular basis.

All of the above mentioned promotional items are easily sourced online using your favourite search engine.


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