Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Corporate Christmas Party As a Promotional Tool

In fact, people tend to be more relaxed during the holidays so you have an increased chance to gain new customers or clients. Why don't we try to give Christmas corporate gifts by having a party?

You don't want to use the corporate Christmas party as a way to talk business to the attendees but rather as a way to create some small talk and possibly get their notions on various issues that are also of significance to your corporation. The key issue is to gain their confidence and then take that facts back to your office. Discussing business during a corporate Christmas party is liable to do more harm than good for those who are trying to attract more business. Most of those who receive invitations probably already understand the aim of your corporate Christmas party so let them make the move toward business conversation without worrying the Christmas gift.

There is no need to schedule a corporate Christmas party for the sole aim of advertising your needs, you can incorporate it into the annual Christmas party and invite some of the most vital people to be honored guests. In this way there is less of an chance to generate a business ambiance than would be the case if you were to invite only customers and potential customers. If you do choose to hold a party that is solely for promotional purposes you want to make it clear that the function is for business purposes and in that case you also want to hold it during working hours, possibly as a lunch rather than a evening meal.

Another way to use a corporate Christmas party as a promotional tool is to gather those who are vital to a more private party for example at the home of one of the directors of your corporation. Though it is less likely this will turn into a business meeting it is also more likely to provide the results you need. When everyone is relaxed and able to talk to one another on a more intimate level more things are accomplished, and they are accomplished with the least amount of effort. The potential customers mix with upper management and find out about the corporation and its mission in an informal way and take that back to their upper management teams and it meets the purpose of both businesses at the same time.

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