Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to Successfully Buy Gifts For Women This Christmas

So, Christmas time rolls around and, once more, you are stranded without a clue how to buy Christmas gifts for the beloved ladies in your life. I know, I too am male, and as such seemingly bound by an inability to empathize with and understand just what Christmas gifts wives, girlfriends, mothers and aunties desire. It's a minefield alright.

However, all is not completely lost. With the advent of internet shopping, avenues for research on Christmas gifts for the fairer sex are wider and far more numerous. Whilst there are always the "safe" options of perfume, make-up, underwear and their favourite girly DVD (Cinderella in my girlfriend's case), these do not necessarily communicate what we are trying to say. Our Christmas Gifts should show our love, gratitude and affection for the special women in our lives, but as men we often find these feelings difficult to put across.

So, we turn to the internet, and many sites now answer our prayers by sub-dividing categories of Christmas hampers gifts. Ideas now are not just limited to typical gifts such as the above, but other exciting and thoughtful Christmas gift options.

Great ideas range from the energetic to the relaxing. Some places offer special experience days. This ideal Christmas gift can give experiences from special spa pampering sessions, to recording studio time, and from West End theatre trips to gliding lessons. These are all innovative ideas for presents, and would no doubt thrill your special lady, mum, daughter, or girlfriend alike.

For mums specifically there is a wide selection of thoughtful Christmas gifts, usually laid out in a special category for the research-averse. A personalised bottle of wine would be a nice touch, as would the "number one mum" photo frame, both thoughtful gifts. Other thoughtful options exist also, including the galactic option of naming a star after your mum and for the chocoholic parent, the "Chocoholics Pizza", a 10"-12" pizza constructed from chocolate, jellybeans and Smarties, among other goodies.

For men, however, the biggest minefield with Christmas gifts is definitely with their girlfriend or wife. Whereas mums are more likely to forgive their offspring for any off-the-mark Christmas gift, the girlfriend's present must be spot-on. A particularly thoughtful present can be found online, and is any UK top 40 single amazingly framed with a plaque bearing a message of your choice. With any couple there is that special song that is "theirs", and this is a very thoughtful Christmas gift which she would no doubt appreciate.

Other thoughtful gift ideas for your girlfriend abound, and include more traditional ideas. A box of luxury champagne and chocolates with a personal message show how much you think she should be pampered, and for those suffering with the dark December nights, the Sun Jar is a good Christmas gift. The Sun Jar stores sunlight during the day and glows at night, giving the sun-worshipping girl in your life hope that summer will soon be coming!

For the animal-friendly lady in your life, other options might appeal. Along this line, a good Christmas gift idea could be to adopt a reindeer. The Cairngorm reindeer herd are the last in the UK, and by adopting one you are ensuring that they are not only thought of at Christmas. There is visiting information included in the personalised pack, and this would make a great gift for any animal lover.

If you're feeling that you want to get in on your special girl's gift, or if you are just generous enough to let her take a friend, there are a wide selection of trips to undertake. You could book a two-day health spa pass for her, or if you desire something more exotic, an Arabian Rasul steam vault experience. In this treatment, you are treated to four different types of mineral-rich mud and healthy salts that work to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed and your skin smooth and supple. This is a perfectly indulgent Christmas gift for her and a friend, and for you too if you wish!

However, all the women in your life might not be as close to you, for instance a work colleague or friend. For these, some of the more elaborate Christmas gifts might be a bit much, and there are some excellent present ideas for this also. A grow-it-yourself bonsai tree set is an original gift, and for the more quirky friend special comedy books such as Edward Monkton's "The Lady and the Chocolate Book" would be an original gift idea. This brilliantly surreal book would bring a smile to anyone who reads it, and funny key rings and mugs also make a good Christmas gift in this case.

In short, buying Christmas gifts online for the woman in your life is a case of just adding a little thought. In a lot of cases, the gift is not really an issue but merely the act of taking the time and thought over the gift is what is important. With that in mind, good luck men!

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