Thursday, June 17, 2010

Aconitum Description

There are mostly perennials with palmately parted, stalked leaves and blue, yellow or white flowers in terminal, spiciform, usually branched inflorescences. Characteristic is the first of the five petals, which is designed helmet-shaped and two long-stemmed, including at the head mützenförmige honey leaves.

The genus is considered Eisenhut Arctic species from the Tertiary, which has spread from Siberia through Europe, Asia and America, which can be the cause of the ice ages of plant migration. About half of the described species are still only available in China.

In Central Europe are the two types of flowers of blue monkshood (Aconitum napellus) and Bunter Eisenhut (variegatum A.) and the yellow flowering Wolfs-Eisenhut (lycoctonum A. subsp. Vulparia) most common. All species are protected.

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