Monday, June 28, 2010

The Bald Knob Herb

Bald knob herb (Galinsoga parviflora) is a plant belonging to the composite family (Compositae or Asteraceae). Bald knob spice occurs at open sandy soil and is considered a weed in home gardens and croplands. The species is native to Central America. Probably the plant sometime early 19th century from the botanical garden of Berlin 'escaped' to move from there into the wild to propagate. For this reason, the species now throughout Europe.

The annual plant is 20-60 cm high and has placed leaves crosswise. The leaves are light green to green and have little, short hairs. The branches of the stem have little or no hair pressed down, while hairy herb close button has hairs. Bald knob herb blooms from June until autumn to 5 mm long, conical flower heads, which consist of tubular yellow flowers and five white, three-pointed ribbon flowers. Sometimes lack the white ribbon flowers. The straw scales are three-lobed to driespletig of Pappus and florets, which scales out there, not genaald (as opposed to hairy herb button).

The young stems and leaves are edible.

Names in other languages:

• German: Knopf Kleinblütiges Kraut, Kraut Kleinblütiges Fran Zosen

• English: Gallant Soldier

• French: Galinsoga à petites fleurs


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