Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Varieties of Plum Blossoms

Chinese varieties

In China, there are over 300 recorded cultivars of plum blossom (Mei), which can be broadly divided by colour into white, pink, red, purple, and light green types. Some varieties are especially famed for their ornamental value, including the Dahong mei (大红梅; literally "big red mei"), Taige mei (lit.
"pavilion mei"), Zhaoshui mei (lit. "reflecting water mei"), Lü'e mei (lit. "green calyx mei"), Longyou mei (lit. "swimming dragon mei").

As the mei can usually grow for a long time, ancient mei trees are found throughout China. Huangmei county (lit. "Yellow Mei") in Hubei features a 1600-year-old mei tree from the Jin Dynasty which is still flowering.

Japanese varieties

In Japan, ornamental plum blossom cultivars are classified into yabai (wild), hibai (red), and bungo ("Bungo province") types. The bungo trees are also grown for fruit and supposed to be hybrids between ume and apricot. The hibai trees have red heartwood and most of them have red flowers. The yabai trees are also used as grafting stock.


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