Friday, June 25, 2010

The Sharp Sedge Perennial Plant

The sharp sedge (Carex acuta) is a perennial in the cypergrassenfamilie (Cyperaceae). The plant is native to Europe. This species resembles the black sedge (Carex nigra), but grass green instead of gray-green leaves and dry leaves to roll down instead of up, because the stomata occur only on the bottom. Also, the lower bract longer than the black sedge.

The plant is 50-150 cm tall and has long rhizomes. The lower leaf sheaths are light brown and often flushed. The grass green leaves are 2-7 mm wide and have only the bottom rows of stomata, which are visible as white dots.

The plant blooms in May and June. The lower bract is usually longer than the flowers. The plant has two to four male and two to four black and brown female counterparts. The male spikes are usually above the female spikes. The female ears are 3-9 cm long. The inflated urntjes are 2-3 mm long and are a kind of bracts that are the fruit down. They are yellowish green or brownish in color with long beaks, and fruit there is a bun in the urntje ants.

The fruit is a nut eenzadig.

The sharp sedge is found along water edges, in swamps and wet deciduous forests.


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