Monday, June 21, 2010

Tragopogon, the Morning Blossom

Tragopogon pratensis is a herbaceous plant of the composite family (Asteraceae).

In Belgium and the Netherlands are of a kind, two subspecies for:

Yellow Morning (Tragopogon pratensis subsp. Pratensis)

Oriental Morning (Tragopogon pratensis subsp. Orientalis).

The Oriental Morning is on the Dutch Red List of rare plants and fallen sharply.

The flower head of this plant joins in the afternoon.

The only flowers that the plant bears flowers are yellow ribbon. The flower stalk is slightly thickened below the heads.

The heads are solitary and bloom from May to June.

The leaves of the yellow morning were grassy. They are hairless.

The plant bears a nut with stalked fruit fluff. As such, a "pluizenbol.

Differences between the two subspecies are:

Yellow Morning: The eight or more carpels may protrude outside the flower, or about as long as the ray florets. The anthers are yellow, brown or almost black.

Oriental Morning: The golden yellow or light yellow ray flowers are about twice as long as the inner omwindselbladen. The anthers are yellow with a brown stripe.

The yellow morning found along roads and in the meadow on moderately fertile, lush land. In the Netherlands, the plant quite common, it is rare only in Drenthe. The Oriental Morning occurs on moist, rich soil in meadows and river dikes. She is rare in the Betuwe.


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