Sunday, June 27, 2010

More about the Horsetail Plant

Horsetail may dominate habitat. Horsetail is toxic for certain plants. Grasses can not germinate near horsetail. Horsetail is also toxic to horses. It can grow nerve abnormalities and a shaky backhand causing.

Horsetail is difficult to combat. The rhizomes can grow to 3 m deep, break easily and store during a power supply on growth. With shovels or plows the roots up small pieces of carrot sticks made which will re-bleeding. Therefore, mechanical or manual removal virtually impossible. The plant is resistant to many chemicals. These features ensure that the species is regarded as a persistent weed.

The plant can not stand dense shade and dense vegetation is a useful way to get him under control. The plant grows best in moist, acid soils and poor nutrition. Drainage, fertilizer and agricultural lime are adding then also indicated in specific circumstances the plant to weaken and control them. Direct spraying (20%) followed by acetic acid in sunlight at least one day without rain in gardens or reported as a useful way of controlling it, but will occasionally need to be repeated.

Horsetail has properties that are regarded as beneficial. The plant thrives in waste piles consisting of slag. The heavy metals are toxic to many plants, horsetail but stores them in its own tissue, making the plant more heavy metals than the soil. The plant is used in homeopathy as a medicine.


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