Friday, June 18, 2010

The Fruit & Propagation of the Big Cheese Poplar Flower

The ovary develops into a disk-crack fruit that is about 1 cm in size, is deep in the middle of something and has around the longitudinal axis of uniform lines. The Au├čenkelch are shed in the course of the ripening process, while extending the five sepals and eventually envelop the mature fruit completely. After completion of ripening fruit crumble the column to the vaginal walls in kidney-seeded fruit part - small nuts contain of hard consistency and pitted reticulate structure, kidney-shaped seeds.

The distribution of part of fruits is closely tied to rain. When wet, the calyx swells on a regular basis due to water absorption, opens and sets out the ripe fruit of the rain. By the force of the falling rain drops are part of fruits are separated from each other and with the water distributed (Ombrochorie). Since the nuts swell up when wet, and thereby assume a slimy-sticky consistency, they can be disseminated, including on animals whose fur they attach themselves.

Often, the stems die after flowering is not completely off to the root, but is formed in the axils of the lowest, already dead leaves overwintering buds, from which the plant next year, new shoots. In strong specimens can close the tap roots develop adventitious buds located under the floor. For some drives then inform the following year, a new flower stem.


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