Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oenothera biennis Uses

Use as food
In the vernacular of the evening primrose is also called "Schinkenwurz" because its root discoloration during cooking of red. Their wide distribution in Europe, mostly in its 18th And 19th century Century due to frequent cultivation as a vegetable plant. Old proverbs alleged that a pound of evening primrose root give as much power as one ton of beef. The common evening primrose is one reason to date to the typical plants of the farmhouse garden, even if it is now only grown as an ornamental plant.

From the Commons next to the root of evening primrose and the leaves, the flowers and the seeds are edible. The root is cooked like salsify or parsnips in the broth. The boiled roots were sometimes cut into slices and seasoned with vinegar and oil. Harvested, the roots of autumn thick taproot the first year (rosette stage) until the spring. Like other old vegetable plants is the common evening primrose out of fashion. In the modern kitchen, but the petals are sometimes used as an edible decoration.

In some regions, such as in Mazury used the roots and the leaves of Commons evening primrose as pig feed.
Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gemeine_Nachtkerze

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