Monday, June 28, 2010

The Hairy Knapweed

Hairy knapweed (Galinsoga quadriradiata) is a plant of the composite family (Asteraceae). The species is also in the Netherlands and Flanders where bald knob herb (Galinsoga parviflora) button until the spices (Galinsoga). Hairy knapweed is native to Central and South America. Now the species across Europe.

The plant is 15-45 cm high and has placed leaves crosswise. The dark green leaves are mostly at the bottom, covered with long hair. The branches of the stem have close protruding, white hairs, while bald knob herb little or no hair has been pressed. Hairy knapweed flowers from June until autumn to 5 mm wide, conical flower heads, which consist of yellow tubular flowers and five white, three-pointed ribbon flowers. White ribbon flowers can range from absent to six. The straw scales are undivided and scaly Pappus of a portion of the tubular flowers genaald unlike bald knob herb.

Hairy knapweed is found on open sand and is considered a weed in vegetable gardens and croplands.


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