Friday, June 18, 2010

The Yellow-Green Helleborine

The yellow-green helleborine (Epipactis muelleri), is a plant belonging to the orchid family. The species is on the Dutch Red List of plants as very rare and greatly reduced. Also, the plant is protected by law. The plant is found in South Limburg. The yellow-green helleborine is a self-pollinator.

The plant is 25-70 cm high and has a stiff, green yellow, hairy stalk. The two rows of standing, sickle-shaped leaves are yellowish, weak trough-shaped and have regular wavy leaf margin.

The yellow-green helleborine flowers in July and August with 7-11 mm tall, yellowish-green flowers. The flowers are directed to one side. The ovary is bald or slightly hairy.

The fruit is a capsule, which contains many seeds. The fine seed germinates and food does not contain a reserve only if a root fungus (mycorrhiza) it penetrates. The seed is enclosed by a loose meshed net bag.

The plant is found on calcareous soil in light woodland.


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