Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Walnut Uses

The cultivation of genuine walnut is mainly due to crop yield. But as the wood is very popular and one of the most expensive woods, is the end of the last century has been increasingly trying to use the tree for forestry. The varieties offered in the trade but have been selected in the rule to high fruit yield. Many trees are therefore offered as a half standard. The leaves are dried and taken to external and internal applications; Folia Juglandis is to be official.

A forest use is fast and requires gradwüchsiges planting material, but which are currently in this form is not commercially. The cultivation in stocks narrows the crowns, which does lead to reduced fruit yield, however, achieve long knot-free trunk segments helps. Competition among trees growing up to 10 m are higher than individual trees. In connection with the value of timber production was the walnut (Mars symbol.svg) crossed with the black walnut (Venus symbol.svg). The resulting Juglans × intermedia should be wipfelschäftig and fast growing. One expects a higher frost resistance than with the walnut and resistance to the Schwarznusssterben.

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